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Nutrition for young people

Young people consume large amounts of energy during puberty. Their physical growth and changes require immense amounts of protein, calcium and iron. Hence, it is very important to understand the essentials of nutrition for young people in order to cater for their special needs.

Different types of food nutrients

A balanced diet is vital. A good mix of vitamins, dietary fibre, calcium and minerals in your daily diet is crucial. Fruits and vegetables are always much better for you than foods high in fat.

Pick the right menu for yourself

Some people prefer a vegetarian diet or a diet of organic foods, and some people are against genetically modified food. To pick the right menu for yourself, check the essentials of a healthy diet.

Food nutrients information

You can also find out more about nutrient information, or simply refer to the nutritional information on food labels to know what is in the food you eat. Be a smart consumer, take a look at the Truth of “Health Food” before jumping into the advertising traps.

Food Safety

The Chinese have many kinds of seasonal and festive cuisines; therefore, you should get to know more about seasonal food safety tips. For example, to avoid food poisoning, contaminated food should not be eaten. Also check out the “Food Safety Files”, for information on how to handle raw food and always read the latest news and reports on risk assessment studies on food. All this will lead to a healthy and safe diet.