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Disease Prevention


We always get health advice from parents, teachers and others, but we seldom take it seriously. However, prevention is always better than the cure when it comes to diseases. Sudden changes in temperature can exacerbate allergic rhinitis and asthma. Spoiled food will not only trigger diarrhea, but can also result in hepatitis which can be serious.

Some diseases like AIDS and tuberculosis can develop at a variable time interval after infection. Latent infection can only be identified through medical tests. Cervical cancer can be scary for women. However, this disease can be cured if detected early, hence regular check-ups are important.

Infectious diseases

Avian influenza and dengue fever have become talked-about news headlines in recent years, and confirmed cases and human-to-human transmission of human swine influenza have been reported all over the world.

Personal hygiene

We must observe personal hygiene strictly, wash hands frequently and stay vigilant against these diseases. Learn more about the correct way of hand-washing through this short demo video produced by the Centre of Health Production.