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Common drugs

Ecstasy and Ketamine are the latest common substances of abuse. Arming yourself with knowledge about drug abuse will help you avoid being misled by others. Drugs for medical use can become harmful if overdosed (e.g. cough medicine). Cough medicine abuse seems less significant than the danger of amphetamines, but in fact they are just as harmful: possibly leading to drug addiction and even death.

The consequences of taking drugs

FAQ on drugs gives full explanations on drug abuse. A series of short films on anti-drug [Chinese version only] has been produced by young people to spread the message of the fatality of drugs. Furthermore, ways to say "NO" offers tips on dealing with temptation.

Drug treatment and rehabilitation

If needed, do not hesitate to seek assistance from drug treatment and rehabilitation service as soon as possible.

(Video highlights) Exchange Sessions with Youth - RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme

The theme of this Session is RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme, and the guest is Professor Daniel Shek Tan-lei, Chairman of the Action Committee Against Narcotics. 

Exchange Sessions with Youth - RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme (Video highlights)