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Opposite gender relationship

Young people fancy the opposite gender and long for dating and love. This is normal; there is no need to feel embarrassed. Opposite gender relationship is an art that needs support from both sides, and only then can you develop lasting, true love.

Safer sex

At the same time, you may encounter many doubts: Should I have sex before marriage? How can I ensure safer sex? Is it necessary to wear a condom? Will I get AIDS? What are the most effective methods of contraception? For more information, visit the Sexuality Education Website of the Family Planning Association.

Atty Ching thinks "Love is an art"

What is Love?

Cassie tells you "Valentine's Day is..." 

Cassie said Valentines Day is...

Getting married

Getting married is another important decision. It is a life-long commitment. Both of you have to work out a family plan together and get ready for the future marriage life.

Cervical cancer

Last but not least, cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers found amongst Hong Kong women. That is why Cervical Screening Programme is being launched to encourage women who have ever had sexual experience to take regular cervical tests in order to detect any early cell changes that may develop into cancer.