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Cover Story - DSE results


7 prophecies for the 7.15 result release date

1. Thank you so much! Mum and Dad!
Every year on the day the results are released, mums and dads are surely the most anxious of us all. For their beloved children, they will go from this school to that school, queue up, dial for help, and call for taxis… Keep up the effort! Mums and dads!

2. It’s the weather’s fault!
For sure, the weather can only be sunny or gloomy, but it will most definitely take things to the extremes for students. Protect yourself from the UV and rain: remember to bring your umbrellas, students!

3. I am hungry…
We know you might be excited, busy with friends or just too upset, but never ever forget to eat! Remember to feed yourselves! Just have a good breakfast or bring your favorite snacks with you.

4. I have no copies of documents!
You may be feeling distraught about the results, but remember to bring all necessary copies of your ID card, Student Learning Profile (SLP), school transcripts and certificates. Remember to prepare both the original and copies of the documents so you can apply immediately for school admission.

5. I have no cash!
You need cash for school registration and taxi fares. So please bring enough cash. Credit cards won’t help you a lot on that day.

6. I have no photos!
It’s quite unfortunate if you have prepared everything except your ID photo. You will have a hard time finding a place on site to take one single photo if you do! I’m sure you usually take loads of photos on your phone, but only a nice ID photo will help you then.

7. I have no confidence…
Even if you have no plans, no preparation at all for meeting “waterloo”, you have not been defeated yet! Pick yourself up and fight for your education! Show them your confidence and determination!

Will these prophecies come true? It doesn’t matter, it’s more important that you prepare for the worst, so you will be tough and flexible.

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(Published on 05/07/2013)