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Starting up your own business - Be a YouTuber! (1)

Entertain others while earning a living

Ryan Higa, Shane Dawson, Michelle Phan…like many other household brands, you must have heard of these YouTubers whose videos are widely shared among your peers. They do not only make videos just to gain “likes” from you guys or simply to get famous, but also for a more down-to-earth reason: to make money! While uploading YouTube video clips and watching the rise of views, they can also earn their livings under the YPP!

What is YPP?

Dated back to the end of 2007, YouTube announced the YPP in USA and Canada, but not until October 2012 that Hong Kong YouTubers can participate in the program, in which they can yield profits when viewers click the ads in their videos.

To summarize the video monetization criteria set by YouTube, you have to:

1) Provide documentation proving you own commercial rights to all audio and video content
2) Comply with YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
3) Make the content advertiser-friendly

Congratulations! You now fulfill the basic requirements of participating in YPP! What you have to do next is to apply online and wait for approval. If everything goes well, some ads which are randomly picked by the system will appear on your channel. Then YouTube will send you a cheque after your videos have reached a certain number of viewers and click rates of advertisements.

Besides, video makers under YPP receive strong support from YouTube. Ranging from a guide to running channels (English version only) to free studios for YouTubers (currently exclusive for creators in the States, United Kingdom and Japan), the support from YouTube has incredibly facilitated the video production.

During the Award Presentation Ceremony for Digital Short Video Competition organized under the HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project, Mr. Chan Hok-ming, the hot YouTuber who runs a video production house in HK, said his initiative of shooting a YouTube video was just to express his views on certain subjects in an interesting way. He had not expected that it would turn out to be such a great hit and would bring him both fame and fortune. He and other YouTubers have proved that the power of social media is beyond our imagination, and the YPP does provide a new platform for creative youth to start their businesses outside office cubicles.

(To be continued)


 Susan Wong - editor traniee



(Published on 16/08/2013)