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Be artists! Go Art Jamming!


During the long summer vacation, what will you do to kill time? Go shopping? Movies? Surf the net or play computer games at home? Come on,don’t you get bored with these activities? Why not try being an artist? Let me  introduce one of the favourite activities nowsdays – Art Jamming.

Art Jamming is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong. Many Hong Kongers love to have art jamming with their friends in leisure time. When having art jamming,you can freely paint what you want. Usually, art jamming activities are run in groups. The organizers  usually provide the participants with canvas, painting brush, apron and pigments. The participants can paint what they like on the canvas. Some organizers even provide some plain tote bags or clocks for participants to draw pictures on them to create their unique tote bags or clocks. Besides art jamming, some galleries also hold “Flower Jamming”, in which participants can pick flowers provided by the organizer to create their own flower art pieces. The concept of flower jamming is similar to that of art jamming, also emphasizing on allowing participants to have free-style art creation.

At the first time when I had art jamming with friends, some of my friends have never learnt painting nor painted in their leisure time. Before they started, they had no ideas what to paint and they were afraid of laying an egg in front of other friends. However, after they had found inspirations, they painted masterpieces that gladdened the heart and pleased the eye. Actually, the essence of art jamming does not lie on the completed painting but the joyous time that you have when painting with your friends. Making fun of each other when having art jamming can also bring you pleasure. So, even you are not good at arts, you can still have fun by art jamming with your friends.

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If you are interested in joining art jamming activities but have no ideas what to do for the first step, the following tips may help you.

1. Selection of venue for art jamming
There are quite a number of galleries organizing art jamming activities in Hong Kong. The fee ranges from around $100-$300. The quality of materials provided and the time limit for painting varies. Beside private galleries, some charitable organizations and community centers also organize this kind of activities. W Studio of Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre and in the coming August, September and October, you may join an art jamming activity called HeARTS Jamming organized by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service and Healing HeARTS arts Therapy Centre.

2. Go Art Jamming with your friends
As art jamming activities are usually run in a group of 10-20 participants, you may have to paint with other participants whom you do not know. To lessen the awkwardness of staying with strangers alone, it is better for you to go art jamming with your friends. It will be great fun if you can chat with your friends when painting.

3. Get prepared before you start!
Before you start art jamming, you should first decide what to paint. Or else, your painting will be out of focus. Those who are not good at painting can draw something simple or choose things around to paint. If you still have no ideas, you can search a picture online and use it as a demo. In this way, it is easy for you all to paint a masterpiece. When you have ideas on what to paint, you may choose the pigments that you need. It will be undesirable to use too many different colors because this will make your painting look messy. However, art is an expression of feelings. Thus, you can manifest your creativity to paint your own masterpiece. You may go to Hong Kong Arts Centre to visit some arts exhibitions to get more inspirations for painting.

Painting is an effective way to express emotions. Art jamming does not only help you relax but also enables you to have a good time with your friends. Let’s be artists and go art jamming with friends in summer vacation!

Editor Trainee - Gabrielle

(Published on 12/9/2014)