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Voluntary work is...


Some youngsters often don’t have big motivation to involve in voluntary works; it might due to the uninterested thoughts in their mind. But still we always have friends nearby engaged in voluntary works. I try to list out some reasons for this.

Volunteer services is not only for elderly
Actually when teenagers registered to be a volunteer, you can simply chose the activities or organisations you are interested in. Try to join and enjoy the opportunities to connect with different society. Some organisations will even provide volunteer project with specify topics, for example the Green Hong Kong Campaign.

Volunteer work is not just about lending helping hands
But a valuable chance to meet new friends and improve inter-personal skills. Rather than other projects, 4C Youth Volunteer Leadership Project organised by Agency of Volunteer Service is a motivational activity for students. Participants can plan the event with other teenagers and brainstorm creative ideas. Students who are interested in social work may also step up their way to become a social worker after the training.

To “Go Through” the files becomes “Go Foo” files  

I think most of the students would be or have been engaged in voluntary works, as “minimum requirement” - Selling flags on Saturdays. Yes, flag selling is one of the  voluntary works and can be regarded as one of their OLE activity. And I would like to remind that, we can search for Approved Charitable Fund-raising Activities by the government in the government website, therefore you can avoid wasting time on fake organisations and find your favourite fund raising activities.

Editor Trainee - Rachel

(Published on 29/9/2014)