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Use hands to talk


In daily life, we sometimes have to keep in silence. In that atmosphere we always love to express ourselves by hand gestures. When we chat during class, we use our own hands to communicate with our classmates. Patting our chest with hand lightly when we feel lucky to arrive school just on time. And even when we find Mum being annoying, we strike an okay hand pose to ‘tell’  our thoughts.

We can tell that besides oral communication, we do a lot of hand gestures to communicate with others. Many people have no idea that they are already practicing sign language.

To “Go Through” the files becomes “Go Foo” files  

Sign language reminds  us of the deaf, and we think that only disabled have the needs to use hands to speak. In fact, sign language is a neutral and international language; we speak thousands of words byjust two hands. Many people have been affected by the social norm and assume sign language cannot express complicated emotions. Consequently they think that sign language is only useful for minorities and normal people do not have the needs to practice it.

Actually it is not true. Sign language is a common and effective way of communication. Many organisations start to develop sign language promotion campaign, involving courses and other activities. For example, Hong Kong Association of the Deaf releases latest news about sign language. Some universities also serve as an active role in researching sign languages. For example, the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies from Chinese University of Hong Kong conducts related studies. Sign language does not include formal wordings only; some slangs are also included.  Let’s discover more about this flexible language!

Editor Trainee - Rachel

(Published on 28/10/2014)