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Hong Kong Identity Card

Book Appointment for Hong Kong Smart Identity 


Application for HKSAR Passport

Voter Registration

Online Registration
Change of Voter’s Particulars
Provision/Updating of E-mail Addresses from Registered Electors

Leisure Link

Leisure Link Internet Booking Service
LCSD Patron Registration
Enquiring about Book Record, Booking Situation and/or Transaction Status

Library Services

Search for Books
Renew/My Account

Driving License

Applying for a Driving License
Applying for Driving Test for Non-Commercial Vehicles
Applying for Driving Test for Commercial Vehicles
Online Booking for Driving Tests
Online Application for Renewal of Full Driving License

Vehicle License

Registration & Licensing of Vehicles
Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks Scheme
Online Application for Renewal of Vehicle License
Online Booking for Annual Vehicle Examination
Online Application for a Certificate of Particulars of Motor Vehicle

Book Appointment for Giving of Notice of Intended Marriage


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