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Youth Participation

Youth Development Commission

Youth Development Commission (YDC) is established in 2018 to enhance policy co-ordination within the Government. This aims to enable holistic and more effective examination of, and discussion on, issues of concern to young people. The YDC gives specific attention to issues on youth education, career pursuit and home ownership as well as the participation of young people in politics and their engagement in public policy discussion and debate.

The YDC is the first Government committee with young members appointed through the Pilot Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth. Three young members were appointed through a selection exercise and stood out from 503 qualified applicants. The three young members are Dr Chan Po-ling, Mr Cheng Hong-wun and Mr Ng Sum-chun. (Details of the members of the YDC)

If you want to learn more about information on youth development, you may visit the website of the Youth Development Commission. You may also look at the related research reports and surveys commissioned by the former Commission on Youth, or visit the Civic Education Resource Centre located in Chai Wan for other reference books, reports, videos and periodicals related to youth.

Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth

The Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth (MSSY) is launched to provide more opportunities for young people to participate in policy discussion. People aged between 18 and 35 are invited to self-nominate to become members of the following government advisory committees through the MSSY -
1. Lantau Development Advisory Committee
2. Council for Sustainable Development
3. Advisory Committee on Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme
4. Transport Advisory Committee
5. Community Investment and Inclusion Fund Committee
6. Committee on Community Support for Rehabilitated Offenders
7. Community Sports Committee
8. Joint Committee on Student Finance
9. Food Wise Hong Kong Steering Committee
10. Advisory Committee of the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged

The application of the Scheme will be ended on 16 July 2018 (Monday).

The Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office

Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office is responsible for policy research and innovation, co-ordination across bureaux and departments, enhancing public participation in policy formulation as well as rendering assistance in co-ordination work for cross-bureaux policies selected by the senior leadership of the Government.

The Office had recruited young people who aspires to pursue a career in policy research as well as policy and project co-ordination on a non-civil service contract basis, so that they can gain experience in public administration, and have more opportunities of direct participation in public policy formulation.

Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme and Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation Scheme

In order to give recognition to outstanding young people and related youth programmes, YDC and HAB had set up Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme which aims to encourage young people to set targets for their personal development and to actively take part in community building and social services, thus setting an example for other young people; and the Outstanding Youth Activity Commendation Scheme, which aims to give recognition to innovative, purposeful and popular district youth programmes. The scheme hopes to encourage the organisation of more high quality and effective activities to promote youth development in districts.

Youth Square

Situated in Chai Wan, Youth Square is a project commissioned by the Home Affairs Bureau. Since open by phases from mid-2009, it provides a perfect venue complete with comprehensive facilities for young people to fully explore and develop their potential.

Charter for Youth

What are the major rights of youth? What should be the principles and ideals for youth development? Take a look at the Charter for Youth. If you agree to what it says, please show your support by becoming a subscriber and endeavour to realise those principles.

Child Development Fund

The $300 million Child Development Fund set up by the Government in 2008 encourages children aged between 10 and 16 from a disadvantaged background to plan for the future, develop an asset-building habit and accumulate financial assets as well as non-financial assets, through which promotes the longer-term personal development of these children.

(Video highlights) Exchange Sessions with Youth - Population Policy and Youth Development

The theme of this Session is Population Policy and Youth Development, and the guest is Mrs Carrie Lam, The Chief Secretary for Administration.

(Video highlights) Exchange Sessions with Youth - Population Policy and Youth Development