The 7th HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project

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  • The 7th HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project

    Young people have boundless creativity and imagination. They like to express themselves through images and videos. We believe that their creativity can be further ignited if they have a deeper understanding of the relationship between creativity and video production, and master the necessary skills.

    Targeted at secondary students, the Seeds Project is organised by the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University. Since its first edition, the Project has been sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Project aims to:

    . Nurture students' creativity and talents;
    . Enhance students' aesthetic appreciation;
    . Enrich students' artistic knowledge;
    . Learn about the job nature of various professions in the field; and
    . Provide a platform for students to exchange their ideas.

  • The Seeds Project 2018 Timeline:

    3 Mar 2018 Masterclass cum Kick-off Ceremony
    Mar - Apr 2018 A lecture on Documentary + 7 Video Production Workshops
    7 Sep 2018 Digital Short Video Competition: Submission Deadline
    Oct 2018 Online Voting
    Nov 2018 Awards Gala cum Meeting with Judges
    Jan - Feb 2018 Industry Experience
    Throughout the year Tertiary Experience

  • Project Characteristics

    Learning step by step –assist teaching staff to ignite students' creativity

    Designed and guided by university lecturers and postgraduate students, participants can master video production techniques and knowledge in a systematic and organized manner. Teachers, school technical personnel and school TV production teams are also welcome to join the seminars and workshops to gain a better understanding on the different professionalisms in film production whereby facilitating them in leading school production in the future.

    Amazing learning experience in University campus

    All workshops and seminars will be held on the HKBU campus. Students will use the professional shooting equipment in the Academy of Film. Veterans from film industry will share their career path and creative work in seminars and workshops.

Advisory Board Members - INNO-Action! The 7th HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project

Mr. WONG Pak Ming, Chairman, Pegasus Entertainment Holdings Limited

Mr. WONG Ka Hee, Director, Film-Physical Production, Shaw Moviecity Co.Ltd.

Mr. LI Kuo Hsing, Chairman, Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd.

Mr. John CHONG , Producer

Mr. TONG Kay Ming, Director

Mr. LAU Kwok Cheong, Director

Mr. O Sing Pui, Director/ Cinematographer

Mr. Alex LAW, Director/ Scriptwriter

Mr. CHAN Man Keung, Scriptwriter

Mr. Simon YAM, Actor

Mrs. Patricia LAU, Deputy Commissioner for Efficiency, Efficiency Office, HKSAR Government

Congratulations to all winning teams

Winning List