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1. The University of Hong Kong
2. Diocesan Boys’ School
3. Reception Centre of Tong Meng Hui
4. Preaching Hall of American Congregational Mission,2 Bridges Street
5. The Government Central School - 44 Gough Street
6. Old site of Yang Yao Ji, the meeting place for “The Four Desperados” - 8 Gough Street
7. Site where Yeung Ku-wan was assassinated
8. The Chinese Patriotic Mutual Improvement Association
9. Queen’s College
10. The Alice Memorial Hospital and the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese
11. To Tsai Church
12. Old site of the Hong Kong Headquarters of the Xing Zhong Hui
13. The Xing Yan Lou Western Restaurant
14. The Zhongguo Ribao (China Daily) Office
15. The He Ji Zhan Fruit Stall