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Residents can register for reusable masks from 6 May to 6 June for free.

Distance Business Programme

The Programme is now open to enterprises for funding applications

Summer Intern in Government 2020 (Keep updating...)

The 2020 Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme has been launched. The Programme provides internship placement opportunities for students who are permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and enrolled in full-time accredited post-secondary programmes offered by post-secondary institutions in or outside Hong Kong.Bureaux/departments would advertise their internship placement opportunities (where applicable) on their respective departmental websites and CSB's website. In addition, they may make arrangement with individual post-secondary institutions to nominate students for the Programme.Government summer internship programmes open for application as at 29/5/2020 Home Affairs Bureau, Summer Intern (Culture Division 2)Closing Date: 29/05/2020 17:00:00  Apply and Details Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Summer Intern (Art Promotoin Office)Closing Date: 29/05/2020 23:59:00Apply and Details Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Summer Intern (Science)Closing Date: 29/05/2020 23:59:00Apply and Details Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Summer Intern (Museum of History)Closing Date: 29/05/2020 23:59:00Apply and Details Legal Aid Department, Summer Intern (Legal)Closing Date: 29/05/2020 23:59:00Apply and Details Innovation and Technology Commission, 2020 Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship ProgrammeClosing Date: 29/05/2020 23:59:00Apply and Details Social Welfare Department, Summer Intern (Social Work)Closing Date: 02/06/2020 18:00:00 Apply and Details Social Welfare Department, Summer Intern (Media Arts/Visual Arts related subject)Closing Date: 03/06/2020 18:00:00 Apply and Details Social Welfare Department, Summer Intern (Psychology)Closing Date: 03/06/2020 18:00:00 Apply and Details Financial Secretary's Office, Summer Intern (Research Assistant) Closing Date: 04/06/2020 23:59:00  Apply and Details Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Summer Intern (Hong Kong Museum of Art)Closing Date: 04/06/2020 23:59:00 Apply and Details Drainage Services Department, Summer InternClosing Date: 05/06/2020 23:59:00 Apply and Details Post Office, Summer InternClosing Date: 08/06/2020 17:00:00 Apply and Details Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Summer Intern (Heritage Museums Section)Closing Date: 12/06/2020 23:59:00 Apply and Details Application proceduresStudents who are interested in the placement opportunities advertised may download the standard application form or use the prescribed application forms as provided by individual bureaux/departments (where applicable) and submit their applications to 1) the recruiting bureaux/departments or;2) their respective institutions according to the methods as set out in the advertisements. (*Please follow the application procedures set out in the advertisements) (**To safeguard personal data privacy, students are reminded not to submit their personal data other than through the above channels)(***Please note the deadlines set by the respective institutions)Hong Kong students in non-local post-secondary institutionsHong Kong students studying in non-local post-secondary institutions must complete the application forms, which can be downloaded from the website of the Civil Service Bureau, and send the completed application form together with all necessary documents to the enquiry address of the individual bureaux/departments by post on or before the closing date of application (according to postmark). Please specify on the envelope the post being applied for. Applicants should ensure that sufficient postage is affixed before posting so as to avoid unsuccessful delivery of application. Mail items bearing insufficient postage will NOT be received by bureaux/departments and will be handled by the Hong Kong Post in accordance with the Post Office Ordinance. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Gov Job


COVID-19 Q&A with Young People (Chinese Only)

While this story is only available in Chinese, Episode 4 of the COVID-19 Q&A with Young People provides anti-epidemic tips in English, please click here to view the video on Facebook.

Social Entrepreneur Series - Unleash the hidden cooking talents [Diet]

Mothers are doing their magical trick in the kitchen, turning ordinary ingredients into gourmet dishes with their skills and experience. Yet these delicacies often stay inside the family, remain to be appreciated by a broader audience. Social Entrepreneur - Dodo Cheng (left) and Brandon Cheung (right) The founders of “HOPEmade Sharing Kitchen”, Dodo Cheng and Brandon Cheung, noticed that lots of women from grassroots families possess excellent cooking skills.  The two had the idea to make good use of restaurant kitchens during their non-peak hours for these ladies to make cakes, jam and herbal tea, etc. By selling these food products, they can earn an income, or even start their own brand and develop a career in the long run. Going a step further, a 6 000 square feet cooking space was set up under the “Co-cooking HK” project which aims to recruit more women and to help them pursue their dreams with their cooking talents. Talented home chefs demonstrate culinary skills to pursue their dreams beyond their role at homes.   Innovative Venture - HOPEmade Sharing Kitchen / Co-cooking HK The innovative venture mentioned above is funded by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund and assisted and supported by the Fund’s intermediaries in project implementation.  The details of the innovative venture are as follows: Name of Organisation: Community Development Enhancement Fund Limited Service nature: Diet Beneficiary group: Low-income Families Project type: Start-up / Scale-up Intermediary Programme: Impact Incubator   The upcoming Transport story will introduce the social entrepreneurs who make use of innovative technology to minimise possible injuries for unaccompanied elderly, stay tuned! What is Social Entrepreneur Series? Stories of how other social entrepreneurs aspired to start their own business might facilitate your social innovation and entrepreneurship exploration. A series of social entrepreneur stories will be featured and categorised into six sub-series: Education and Learning, Job Training and Opportunities, Community Participation, Healthcare, Diet and Transport.  What you are going to read are stories of social entrepreneurs taking forward the startup projects that help themselves and others.

Staying Put or Switching Jobs?

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