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Christian Alliance SW Chan Memorial College - 《The story of "Fat Ming" online》

《The story of "Fat Ming" online》

Director: Chan Tsz Shun, Poon Ming Chun, Shek Kwan Lok

Script Writer: Chan Tsz Shun, Poon Ming Chun, Leung Kai Ming


Synopsis: This is a story of "Fat Ming", a young boy. He once found his photo of "torn pants" online as her sister accidentally uploaded it to a social network. People were interested in the content of the photo and they made a series of "remixing" version on the web. Some people on the internet disclosed the private information of "Fat Ming" and posted them on the social network. Ming was upseted by the network bullying. At last, her sister helped him by uploading a patched photo instead. The clip aims to let the audience to think twice before they upload contents onto the internet since the consequences may not be controllable.

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