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Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School - 《Love - Forever and Always》

《Love - Forever and Always》

Synopsis: The creative concept of our video clip is derived from Manila Hostage-taking Incident which no Hongkongers can ever forget.
People might have many different reasons of going to Manila, for pleasure, families or project work. Yet they had never envisaged a one-way regrettable fatal journey. Setting off to the last spot on the last day of the trip, all HK tourists were more than happy to leave Rizal Park for their coach. Yet, an armed intruder, former police officer Rolando Mendoza hijacked the tourist bus in an attempt to force the Philippines authority to re-investigate his dismissal and resume his job. All a sudden, lives were at stake and dramatically took you through joys and sorrows, reunions and partings.
The screenplay conveys a message - Destiny. It highlights the helplessness of the mankind when Death approaches. The film stars Yan, Chun-ying and Death. Yan portrays a loving sister who is so desperate to save her dying brother that she trades her life with Death.

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