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St. Stephen’s College - Waves in Raging Seas

Waves in Raging Seas

This creative work integrates music, dance, lighting and visual projection to depict the changes in storm and celebrates the flourishing development of the Schools Creative Music Showcase for well over 25 years.

The work begins with the violin first theme with intense rhythmic accompaniment by the ensemble, depicting the changes in weather conditions and the fierce wind causing huge waves. The theme continues to develop and is played by the oboe, the bassoon and the trombone, together with contrapuntal melodies played by other instruments, to depict the roughness of a stormy sea. In the middle section, another theme is played by the violin, the oboe and the trombone, conveying the message that humans can use their creativity to solve problems in difficult situations. Subsequently, a fierce tutti of the ensemble and recurrence of the first theme show how people try hard to overcome adversities.


Elite Group

Best Music Prize (Bronze Award)

Best Performance Prize (Bronze Award)

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