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St. Stephen’s College - 《Boomerang of Life》

《Boomerang of Life》

This creative project is a multimedia piece integrating music, dance, visual images and lighting, and conveys that everyone has a control over the boomerang of life.
The work begins with a series of piano arpeggios. The first theme is played by the solo viola and repeated by the violins and the flutes afterwards, symbolising the various challenges in life. The tense atmosphere is then created by the accented repeated notes by the trombone and percussion instruments in the second theme. After a strong tutti of the ensemble, the music becomes calm and quiet, depicting that it is not possible to fly a boomerang successfully every time. Finally, the piano arpeggios played at the beginning and in the first theme recur, indicating the rise to the upcoming challenges.


Elite Group
Best Creative Ideas Prize (Bronze Award)
Best Music Prize (Gold Award)
Best Performance Prizw (Gold Award)

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