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Sha Tin Methodist College - Backstage: War of Ferocity - Sha Tin Methodist College

Backstage: War of Ferocity - Sha Tin Methodist College

This creative project centres on the first line of Du Fu’s famous poem “A song of War-Chariots”, i.e. “Chariots rumble, and horses grumble”. It depicts the war scenes and the emotions of suffering people. It also conveys the message that war only results in lose, no matter who wins at the end.

There are three movements. The first movement, “Prologue to War”, announces that the cruel war will begin soon. The pizzicatos played on the violin simulate the rhythm of the line “Chariots rumble, and horses grumble “as a warning about the imminent war. A Sorrowful melody expresses the agonies of broken families. The second movement, “Anxiety”, portrays the tense atmosphere and chaos in wartime. The drum set imitates the horse steps, and the atmosphere becomes tenser and more acute. Suddenly the music comes to a halt, indicating that the war is not yet over. “Squall” is a lament in the third movement. The theme “sin” is sung by human voices, and conveys our anger at the war. The music ends with a major chord expressing the hope for it to end soon.

- created by Sha Tin Methodist College

Prizes :

Best Music Prize (Premier Group) Gold Award

Best Creative Ideas Prize (Premier Group) Silver Award

Best Performance Prize (Premier Group) Silver Award

Merit Prize

Prize for Individual Composition: LUK Wai-chun


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