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Wah Yan College, Kowloon - 《Ruthless Fire》

《Ruthless Fire》

This creative project includes three sections narrating the story of a blaze in a village. Different instrumental timbres, tonalities and harmonies are used in each section.
The first section depicts a picturesque small village. A warm feeling is conveyed through a succession of consonant chords played elegantly by the piano. Other instruments enter in succession and the texture is enriched. In the second section, the music depicts the blaze of the village houses and the villagers’ attempt to put it out. The tonality changes from major to minor while the use of counterpoints, triplets against duplets and dissonant chords interrupts the previous calm atmosphere. At last, the theme at the beginning recurs, and the work ends with shimmering sounds produced by the bowed-vibraphone, depicting the fire is being put out.


Elite Group
Best Music Prize (Bronze Award)

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