A Newbie to Australia

"Working holiday" is not something new nowadays. But it is understandable that one may have many worries in mind when they first start their journey. I have been asked questions like "Where to live? How to find a job? How much money should I prepare? How to pack my luggage?" From my experience, there is never one standard answer, and there is nothing more important than getting your visa and air tickets ready! Here are some practical tips you may find useful.

1/ Book a hostel for the first 2 weeks

Unless you have local friends to take care of you or you are referred to a Share house, otherwise I suggest booking a hostel for the first 2 weeks of stay. Staying in hostel helps one get familiar with the local community, gather more information to choose the right house, and sometimes job openings will be posted in hostels. If you are lucky enough, you may get a job very quickly.

Book accommodation for first two weeks of your stayBook accommodation for first two weeks of your stay.

2/ Get familiar with your community, enlarge your personal network for job opportunities

Need a job? No rush. Get to know your neighbourhood first, you may discover job opportunities in places nearby. Also, try to enlarge your personal network, you may be able to get referrals from friends. Experiences tell that Asians usually have more information about different job vacancies; if you want to get factory jobs and farm jobs, you need referrals.

Explore your neighbourhood, you may get a job from your networkExplore your neighbourhood, you may get a job from your network.

3/ Estimate your living costs, bring adequate cash, then ATM

While you need to present an economic proof and reach a certain amount of saving, you should have an idea of local prices and living costs. You may estimate the expenses such as accommodation, food and transportation for the first 2 weeks, and take adequate cash with you. If there is further need, you may get money from overseas ATM, which is safer than bringing all the cash with you.

P.S. Remember to activate your overseas ATM service first

Estimate your living costs, bring adequate cashEstimate your living costs, bring adequate cash

4/ Buy second-handed stuff and go pre-trip

You may buy second-handed backpack, travel books from online forums to save money, while daily necessities can be bought from supermarkets, prices are reasonable. Consider doing a pre-trip, which you may try packing your luggage and get a better idea on what to bring for your long stay.

Buy second-handed stuff, go pre-tripBuy second-handed stuff, go pre-trip

There is always a first-time for everything. While having a thorough planning is good, unexpected things just happen! Be open-minded and embrace the changes, don’t just do what other people tell you to. Create your own experience.

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Priscilla Ng
Priscilla Ng

A post-80s Hong Kong girl, in the past 4 years, she went working holiday in Australia, ‘Room & Board’ in England, experienced coach-surfing and WWOOF, and travelled to more than 20 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe and Americas.