8 Money-saving tips in Australia

Many ask how one can make big money in Australia, in fact with the high living costs there, most of the time you only make enough money for the rent. So before you earn money, it’s more important to learn how to save money! Below are some of my money-saving tips:

1/ Go to supermarket in the late afternoon to buy bread and vegetables at bargain price


2/ Buy supermarket house brands, the quality is as good as other brands, local people love them

supermarket house brands

3/ Stay tuned with the free events inside your communities, for example, there is a weekly "Backpacker Night" in a bar in Perth, which people get free hotdogs and drinks for free

free events Backpacker Night

4/ To save transportation cost, walk or get a bike; or simply live near your work place

5/ Get discounts with your student ID card, in cities like Darwin, card holders get free bus ride

6/ Buy second handed things online, such as backpacks and travel books. If you plan to do farming job, check if the farm offers equipment like gloves or boots to avoid extra expenses

7/ Cook all the foods before they expire, divide them into portions, reheat later

8/ If you work in restaurants, usually meals are offered, sometimes you may take them home

restaurants offered meals

There is a time for saving, and a time for spending. Life is about making balances. Learn to manage your money when you travel.

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Priscilla Ng
Priscilla Ng

A post-80s Hong Kong girl, in the past 4 years, she went working holiday in Australia, 'Room & Board' in England, experienced coach-surfing and WWOOF, and travelled to more than 20 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe and Americas.