8 Easy Meals in Caravans

How can you call yourself a true wanderer without the experience of living in a caravan? I had my first caravan experience during my working holiday in Australia, which I stayed in a caravan within a campsite for 2 months in Tasmania, fed myself with "microwave-food" – I had to do that because the common kitchen in the campsite was too small to accommodate everyone. Luckily there was a fridge and a microwave oven inside my caravan which I could do cooking with. So, here they are, my microwave recipes, not at all savory, but filled with memories.

The campsite in south  TasmaniaThe campsite in south Tasmania

Tiny but cozy caravan cooking timeTiny but cozy caravan cooking time

1/ Spaghetti

Boil the spaghetti with a pot of hot water, add the sauce then microwave for 1 minute, mix them well.


2/ Mashed potato

Peel the potato, add in water, cook it in microwave oven until it gets soft, press it and mix with milk and butter, season with salt and pepper.

3/ Rice

With the right amount of water and good time control, you can get a nice bowl of rice. I got my 2.75L microwave meal box from Woolworths at around 10AUD, it came with a spoon and a measuring cup.

I cooked most of my meals with the red microwave meal box on the leftI cooked most of my meals with the red microwave meal box on the left

4/ Oats

My usual breakfast, heat the oats with water until it gets soft, then add milk and honey.

5/ Spicy Thai chicken wings

Cooking meat with microwave oven is complicated . Basically, wash the chicken wings, microwave till its half done. Add in onion, spicy sauce and salt and then microwave again. Though not as nice as the pan-fried wings, tastes not bad.

6/ Sweet corns

My favourite snack and it’s easy to make, use frozen or canned sweet corns, add in butter, heat it, add a little salt.

7/ Sweet dumplings

I tried making dumplings with my roommate, just add crystal sugar then microwave.

Rice DumplingsRice Dumplings

8/ Sweet corn with mushroom soup

Cut mushroom and crabmeat stick into pieces, mix with canned sweet corn soup and add some water, heat it season with salt and pepper.

Two-month living in a caravan made me an expert in flameless cooking, actually there is a lot you can do, be creative! Microwave is one way, I also like making salad with fresh fruits and vegetables, yummy and healthy!

Garden saladGarden salad

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