New option for studying abroad – Austria

Speaking of studying abroad, most of us think of countries like Australia, Canada, UK or France, Japan and Korea etc. But is there any other better option? Of course there is! Let us present to you Austria, a country with a spectacular combination of culture and natural attractions.

Country of Beautiful Scenery and Music

Austria is a romantic and culturally diverse country. Her capital Vienna is not only the world-famous "City of Music", it has been ranked the most livable city for six consecutive years. Austria is situated in the very heart of Europe, sharing borders with a number of European countries. To the east of Austria are Hungary and Slovakia, to her south you'll find Italy and Slovenia, to her west are Raetia and Swiss, while Czech Republic and Germany are located to the north of Austria. Austria is a predominantly mountainous country with three major ranges of the Alps running from west to east. Imagine studying at such a beautiful place!

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International Study Programmes conducted in English

Although Austria is a German-speaking country, don't worry! The majority of Austrians can speak English. Furthermore, an increasing number of public and private universities are beginning to offer courses supplemented by or even conducted entirely in English. This new trend serves as a great platform for students who speak only English. But then of course, you are always welcome to apply for international programmes offered in German. All you have to do is to make sure that your knowledge in German is up to par. So do start your German course early!

There is no general language requirement for admission to Austrian university. Please refer to the university that you are interested in for specific language requirement. To learn more about international programmes offered in English, please visit

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Reasonable Tuition Fee

Education in Austria is fully supported by the Austrian Government, the tuition fee of public school is therefore extremely economical (HK$9,000 or less per year) while that of the private schools is not expensive either (HK$100,000 or less per year). Living expenses (including food and accommodation, transportation and medical insurance) is around HK$6000 – 7,000 per month on average. Moreover, university students are allowed to take up part-time jobs for no more than 10 hours per week.

Austria is a member of the European Union offering internationally recognized programmes. It is definitely an ideal place to live and study for Hong Kong students!

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Additional Information
(a) Tuition Fees

Public University (less than HK$9,000 per year) Private University (less than HK$100,000 per year in average)

Secondary school:
Free of Charge (Taught in German)

*The above chart is for reference only. For latest information, please contact respective institution.

(b) Living Expenses

One academic year in Austria comprises of two semesters, each of which lasts for around four to five months. Taking into account the living costs, monthly expenditure is expected to be around HK$6,000 - 7,000. For more details on various grants and scholarships offered, please visit

(c) Application Procedures

Application should be submitted to individual universities directly.

(d) Visa Application Procedures - Study Visa, Residence Permits

To study in Austria, you will need to apply for a residence permit, together with your letter of admission, at least three months before entering Austria. In addition, you will have to provide proof of sufficient funds to sustain your stay at Austria. For more details, please visit:

(e) The Education System

Primary School (Volkschule):
Compulsory education starts at the age of 6 and lasts for 4 years.

Junior High School or Secondary School:
Secondary level I lasts for four years. Students can choose among one of the following institutions to study at:

  1. Lower secondary school (Hauptschule)
  2. New secondary school (Neue Mittelschule)
  3. Academic secondary school lower level (AHS Unterstufe)
  4. Special needs schools
  5. Inclusive education

*The above information is for reference only. For more updated information, please contact respective institution directly.

High School

The following four to five years can be completed at a polytechnic school or in other general education schools.

Higher Education

There is a wide variety of higher educational institutions in Austria including comprehensive university, academy of art university, university of applied sciences as well as university of education.

There are 22 universities in Austria offering a broad range of study options. If you are interested in music, theatre, film, fine or applied arts, you may choose from the 6 academy of art universities that offer creative education programmes. There are 246 degree programmes offered by 21 universities of applied science in Austria ( Furthermore, there are 13 private universities ( and 16 universities of education in Austria (

There are currently over 500 higher education programmes offered by various institutions in Austria with over one-fifth of international students. Please visit ("Downloads") to find out more about the study programmes offered in Austria. The website contains a full list of university in Austria, information on education system, tuition fee, accommodation, mode of stay and visa etc.

(f) Enquiries - ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA  - Austrian Trade Commission
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