The road for mastering the French dessert

With classmates from various countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, France and Hong Kong, I could feel the excitement with the upcoming challengesand the marble work desks in front of us. While we all shared the great passion for making desserts, and most of them were equipped with relevant experiences, I was just a starter, a blank sheet. It seemed that I had to work harder.

(Left) Having class...... (Right) My classmates come from various countries

It was a 17-week course, covering all French desserts (excluding bread), party cake, puff, ice-cream, candies and chocolates. Therefore at the end of the weekly course, we not only attained the knowledge, but also gained tons of desserts to bring back home. Actually I already ate some during the course. With those desserts I brought back home, I usually skipped my dinner.

Demo from master

Buffet and takeaway time at the end of each course

Tips for making desserts: Fast, fast and fast! There was a variety of products in the factory every day, and most of them were hand-made and packaged by hands. If you worked not fast enough, you would work until very late. While I felt good with my efficient works, I was amazed by others who were even more efficient than me. There were only a couple of hands to master the equip-ment, and you could not use a single hand to handle it, especially when you were packing 700 boxes of macaroon. I tried to use a single hand to work then being ‘reminded’ by others! Lacking sufficient training, I could not finish the physical-oriented work alone, such as taking up the heavy equipment, blending a few kg powders, and I could only enhance my physical ability gradually.

Dessert chefs = Supermen

(Left) Pouring sugar on desserts (Right) Apple caramel mousse cake

In spite of the hardship, I still loved my work. As long as my desserts were appreciated by others, I would still go on with this hot and adhesive dessert long road. With the persistence of my primary goal, I was confident that I would be a great dessert chef.

A Patissier in Paris

A patissier currently living in Paris, loves traveling, cooking, photography and all about culture. Lammy discovered the fun of desserts from his early kitchen experiences with mum, and decided to learn making them in France before he turned 30. To get enough money for this, he worked in some totally irrelavant businesses for 3 years, at the same time kept learning French and Japanese to explore their aesthetic senses. Luckily made his dream come true before 30, he is starting a sweet-sour dessert adventure with his broken French.