Capturing an outdoor hot spring

When I first heard from my friend that there was an outdoor hot spring at the hill, I was very curious to know more, as I did not try any hot spring before. Therefore, in the occasion of winter, which was not very cold actually in South France, my friends and I went to the hot spring together.

The bus would pass through different villages

We saw a snowy hill!

I also learnt from my friend that there were a few hot spring resort villages in Pyrenees, but this was definitely too luxurious for a poor student like me. From friend of friend of friend, I learnt that this outdoor bath was an under-explored area with abundant supply of hot water throughout the year and a gorgeous view. In spite of the romantic fantasy, I associated it with a scene of having the bath with an ape. So funny!

With the backpack and food prepared, we went to the bus station in the very early morning. The bus took around 1.5 hours from Perpignan to our destination. The views along the road were really gorgeous. Upon arrival at the bus station, we had to walk along a hilly road, which was covered by white show and a bit steepy. Suddenly, we heard people speaking, then I saw a number of colorful backpacks on the opposite hill, and they are moving! How come this area was called under-explored, it was really crowded!

(Left) A beautiful town at the feet of hill of hot spring. (Right) We walked along a snowy path

You see the 3-layer bath?

We walked further forward, and we were amazed by the creativity of the French in turning the natural resources into such raw facilities of a hot spring. I strongly believed that it was originally a small hot spring river, but it was turned into 3 pebble baths while the water temperature changed along with height of baths. Causal Europeans, no matter their gender and age, basically got off all their clothes, placed it on the tree, then freed themselves into the bath. As shy Asians like us, we contractually took it with our underwear. Actually being naked was common to me in France, from different media to beaches, you probably saw it once a day. Yet, it was the first time that they were so close to me.

(Left) Everyone freed themselves (Right) My friends said the top bath could heat an egg

Warmed my body, had a bite of travel cake I made last night, it was such a joyful moment.

A Patissier in Paris

A patissier currently living in Paris, loves traveling, cooking, photography and all about culture. Lammy discovered the fun of desserts from his early kitchen experiences with mum, and decided to learn making them in France before he turned 30. To get enough money for this, he worked in some totally irrelavant businesses for 3 years, at the same time kept learning French and Japanese to explore their aesthetic senses. Luckily made his dream come true before 30, he is starting a sweet-sour dessert adventure with his broken French.