Gone were the days, my good times in southern France

Although I moved to Paris for nearly a year, I still remembered well my first 6 months in Perpignan, a southern city of France. Paris was a city with an unstable weather and rainy winter, I missed my good days in the south, which always made me shine.

(Left) The town centre of Perpignan (Right) The sense of arts in the town centre

Amazing blue of the Mediterranean coast

With Mediterranean coast and Spain being its neighbour, Perpignan is located in the Pyrénées-Orientales area, and the people there speak their local language. The city enjoys over 300 sunny days in a year, and it takes you only 30 minutes to get to the coast for seafood and sunshine! If you are living in Paris, it takes you at least 2-hour train! Therefore, during summer time, it is a popular destination for the local people to take vocation, especially those living in the north.

(Left) Affordable and abundant seafood (Right) Crowded beach during summer

Compared to people in Paris, the people in the south are less sensitive to others and more friendly. I guess it is attributed to their good weather. I was a tenant of a villa, and my house owner was a French woman. While she couldn't speak English well, she was still very passionate with her strong body language. She tried very hard to let me understand what she expressed, and it was a common attribute of the people here, which made me felt very comfortable.

In addition, there were a variety of fruit trees in different family’s gardens, taking my home as an example, we had full load of grapefruit in summer, and abundant oranges after November. Sometimes when we had BBQ, we could pick the figs from our neighbour freely. I have saved a lot from purchasing fruits when living here.

(Left) The figs from neighborhood tasted so sweet (Right) My oranges were good ones too, so I nearly picked up all

I was learning French words while enjoying ice-cream at Mediterranean

Time flies, and summer is coming soon again. I enjoyed my old days in the beach, when I was learning every single word of French with an ice-cream.I started thinking how to spend this summer.

A Patissier in Paris

A patissier currently living in Paris, loves traveling, cooking, photography and all about culture. Lammy discovered the fun of desserts from his early kitchen experiences with mum, and decided to learn making them in France before he turned 30. To get enough money for this, he worked in some totally irrelavant businesses for 3 years, at the same time kept learning French and Japanese to explore their aesthetic senses. Luckily made his dream come true before 30, he is starting a sweet-sour dessert adventure with his broken French.