The classic lemon tart

Lemon tart is a classic French dessert, you may often see it in French patisseries. Acutally it is very common in France, and it is not difficult to make, many French people make it at home. A lemon tart consists of 3 layered structures: shortcrust pastry, lemon curd and meringue. To me, the sweet-sour taste with crispy texture is the best delight in summer.

(Left) The product: Lemon tart (Right) Shortcrust pastry ingredients

Let me show you the steps:

Lemon tart (for two 10cm tarts)
[Shortcrust pastry] [Lemon curd] [Meringue]
Low gluten flour : 45g Egg : 60g Egg white : 35g
Almond flour : 8g Sugar : 40g Sugar(1) : 5g
Powdered sugar : 10g Corn starch : 6g Water : 20g
Salt : 2g Lemon juice : 40g Sugar (2) : 60g
Butter : 25g Butter : 48g  
Egg : 10g    

(Left) Shortcrust pastry ready for baking (Right) The finished lemon curd

[Method] 1/ Shortcrust pastry
  1. Cut the butter when its old, pour in flours, crumble it into breadcrumbs size
  2. Add in egg , mix it until its well- abosrbed, don’t over-mix
  3. Use a food wrap to cover the materials and place it into fridge for 1 hour
  4. Divide into small pieces, spread it on the desk to 2mm thick
  5. Rub the tart moulds with butter, fill the materials into the mould, dig some holes with a fork
  6. Place it back to the fridge for 15-30 mins
  7. Bake it at 160c temperature for 20 minutes

Place it into an oven

2/ Lemon curd
  1. Mix the egg, sugar, corn starch and lemon juice
  2. Heat it with butter till it reaches 82c
  3. Put the mixture into a bowl, cover it with food wrap and put into fridge
3/ Meringue
  1. Mix the egg white and sugar(1) with a cake mixer
  2. Add sugar (2) into water and boil it to 120c
  3. Pour B into A while whisking, until the colour gets creamy white
  4. The right texture should be smooth and elastic
4/ Assemble
  1. Add the chilled lemon curd into shortcrust pastry
  2. Put the meringue on top , or you can squeeze it with pastry bag for decoration
  3. Bake the tart at 250c until it turns into golden colour

(Left) (Left) Bake it with 250c until it turns golden (Right) The product: Lemon tart (Lemon tart cross section)

Some told that no meringue was added in lemon tart at the beginning; people started to put in mergingue in 18th century since Queen of France Marie Antoinette loved it so much. The sweetness of mergingue in fact matches so well with the sourness of lemon curd, making it a lasting receipe.

  1. Shortcrust pastry can be kept for a long time, you may make some when you are free, use it anytime you need it
  2. You can make tiny biscuits with the remaining pasty, which is also very delicious!
  3. Mergingue cannot be kept for long as it will get moist , better eat it within a day
A Patissier in Paris

A patissier currently living in Paris, loves traveling, cooking, photography and all about culture. Lammy discovered the fun of desserts from his early kitchen experiences with mum, and decided to learn making them in France before he turned 30. To get enough money for this, he worked in some totally irrelavant businesses for 3 years, at the same time kept learning French and Japanese to explore their aesthetic senses. Luckily made his dream come true before 30, he is starting a sweet-sour dessert adventure with his broken French.