A sweet lightning- Eclair

An eclair refers to a long long puff, the word means lightning in French, and it also implies that you can eat it very quick. Indeed, it is one of the few items that you can just grab and eat in a French patisserie.

Actually it is just a dough full of cream, some traditional patisseries may put icing on top as decoration, which make it very very sweet. So some French people told me to drop it. A few years ago, French Chef Christophe Adam redefined its appearance, gave it new life, and it became quite a buzz. His eclair is not only good to eat, the elegant appearance itself is a delight, which makes you feel too pretty to eat. Every day many tourists go to his shop for this famous dessert.

And it is not a difficult thing to make! You may try mkaing ‘lightning’ at home and share with your family members too, here’s the recipe.

(Left) Eclair (Right) Chocolate cream ingredients

Puff (for 10 pieces of 11 cm eclair / 20 pieces of 7 cm eclair/ many small round pieces)
Water : 80g Salt : 2g
Milk : 80g Plain Flour : 80g
Unsalted Butter : 80g Eggs : 3
Sugar : 4g  
Chocolate Cream
Egg Yolk : 45g Whipping Cream : 50g
Sugar : 40g 70% Chocolate : 95g
Corn Starch : 15g Unsalted Butter : 50g
Milk : 250g  

(Left) Puff dough ready to be squeezed (Right) Puff filled with cream

[Method] 1/ Cholocate Cream
  1. Mix egg yolk with corn starch
  2. Boil the milk and whipping cream
  3. Pour half of the boiled material into the egg yolk sauce, mix it and and put it back into the boiled pot
  4. Use a cake mixer to mix the materials until it is boiled
  5. Remove the pot from the stove, add chocolate and butter, keep mixing until it is all melted
  6. Cover it with food wrapper and put into fridge

(Left) Round little puff (Right Top) Puff in the oven (Right Bottom) Puff is ready!

2/ Puff
  1. Mix water, milk, butter, sugar and salt together and boil it
  2. Remove the mixture from fire, pour in plain flour and mix it until it is not sticky
  3. Add in eggs, one egg at a time, make sure the previous one is fully absorbed before you put in the next one
  4. You will get a dough which falls like scatches
  5. Fill it into the pastry bag and create the size you want
  6. Bake at 185c for 30 minutes

(Left) Eclair dough (Right Top) Eclair in the oven (Right Bottom) Eclair

3/ Assemble
  1. Fill the puff with chocolate cream
  2. Add decoration on top
  1. The circumference of the pastry bag can be around 14mm, with or without teeth
  2. The chilled puff can be kept for a long time inside the freezer
  3. The cream shall be finished within 3 days
A Patissier in Paris

A patissier currently living in Paris, loves traveling, cooking, photography and all about culture. Lammy discovered the fun of desserts from his early kitchen experiences with mum, and decided to learn making them in France before he turned 30. To get enough money for this, he worked in some totally irrelavant businesses for 3 years, at the same time kept learning French and Japanese to explore their aesthetic senses. Luckily made his dream come true before 30, he is starting a sweet-sour dessert adventure with his broken French.