To get a job, let go of your ego

The most interesting (or most awful?!) part of having working holiday in German is that, no matter how experienced you are in your own profession, as long as you don't speak any German, your experience counts for nothing! Everyone starts from zero, how fair it is!

Honestly there is never a quick way to master a foreign language, and practically speaking (which you may find hard to accept), learning German for '6 months in Hong Kong plus 6 months in Germany' will still end up bring you nowhere! English-speaking job is hard to find in Germany unless you work in design or IT industry, which relies on English a lot. Think you can teach Chinese? Come on, I am a certified Chinese teacher myself and I can't find such job! So you are only left with jobs that do not require you to speak or write, like waiters, babysitters, and packagers – yes, the types of jobs that you won't even consider when you are in Hong Kong, with a university degree.

A man away from home has to learn new rules. If you want a job, you will have to let go of your ego and accept new things in your life. I am not asking you to do something immoral, as long as it is a proper job, you should really give it a shot, because the most important thing of working holiday is to experience. Take me as an example, in Hong Kong I am a primary school teacher, in Germany I sell women's clothes and massage people's feet. I call these experiences 'once-a-life-time', and this helps me really see how all jobs are actually equal. There is always something for you to learn, and that is why you go working holiday, isn't it? So please let go of your ego!

One of my 'offices' in Germany, I got to smell people’s feet every day.

One of my 'offices' in Germany, I got to smell people’s feet every day.One of my 'offices' in Germany, I got to smell people's feet every day.

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A post-80s Chinese language teacher who failed his A-Level English, went working holiday to Germany before his turned 30 –worked little, holiday a lot. Speaking poor English and zero German, he managed to survive and visited 29 countries in Europe. Lazily updating his travel blog 'Garcia in Germany'.