The first step in Korea – Place to live

After you start your new study in Korea or having your working holiday there, with your courage and passion, next is tosettle your daily life, in which the most important issue is, where to find your new accommodation in a new country.

There are a few types of accommodation in Korea:

1/ Gosiwon

Gosiwon is like the sub-divided flats in Hong Kong, and it is commonly shared by the Korean university students. There are two types, namely as suite and room respectively, the former one consists of a private toilet, while kitchen, toilet and laundry machine are shared in the latter one. In the kitchen shared by room users, ramen, rice and kimchi are free to take. I was living in room, which was really small but applicable for just a sleep.

In spite of the small area of the gosiwon room, it is well-equipped that can satisfy your daily needs

2/ Lodging-house

They are usually a single block of old houses, which the setting is like the Gosiwon, but with more space, and you need to live with the house owner. You may choose to have the meal included or not, with different price packages. You might get some troubles if you meet an unfriendly house owner. Like my friend, she waited for 6 months to leave! (Generally the tenant contract for gosiwon and lodging-house is valid for 3 to 6 months).

3/ One-Room

It is the most luxurious one and the largest one among the above, just like a studio flat, with private kitchen, toilet and laundry machine. However, the rental fee is also the highest among the above, and you are required to pay at least 2-million KRW for deposit. The deposit will be returned when the contract ends.

All in all, you need to consider your affordability when choosing the accommodation. The descriptions on the websites may not be always reliable, it is better for you to stay in a Korean guesthouse first, and go to check your accommodation before making the decision.

House Rental:
Agency for Gosiwon/ lodging-house (Agency will charge for service):

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