Language School is like a microcosm of the whole world

In addition to the language enhancement, making new foreign friends was another precious experience during my study in the language school in Korea.

Some people may think that taking courses in language school is only limited to European, American, Japanese and Taiwanese. This is not true. People from other countries, such as Brazil, Mexico, Nepal, Uzbekistan, they learnt Korean for different reasons as well. Some regard it as a root-seeking tour and some want to learn the most sizzling k-pop trend. Despite of the reasons, we met gather here from all corners of the world.

Apart from foreigners, I also met a number of Korean university students, the experience of culture shock was very interesting

This is a Mexican friend I knew from a language class, and we love to find the local food together

After talking to my classmates, I learnt that there was a number of Uzbeks escaped from the chaos in their country and resettled in Korea, and hence there are quite a number of mix of Uzbeks and Koreans. I also learnt that it takes 20+ hours from Brazil to Korea for flight, and they love the meats most. I also got a chance to have a barbeque with Mexicans in a Seoul's barbeque site, making the Mexican style tacos… At first, we all spoke different languages, but after learning the Korean in the language school, we could communicate with each other well in Korean. It was like opening a door to different cultures, and enriched the whole learning experience to me.

People always say, "Learning is more than scoring", and there are indeed many more valuable things to obtain than the certificates. You find yours yet?

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Cyrus Chan

Cyrus loves traveling, making friends, chatting, handicrafts, drawing, writing, arts, daydreaming and wandering in cafés. She backpacked alone to Turkey, Germany and Eastern Europe, spent 1.5 years in Australia for working holiday, and another year studying in Korea. Cyrus wrote a few travel books on Turkey, Seoul and Hong Kong.
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