Let's join handicraft markets in Korea

I always wish we could have handicraft markets like those in Korea. Markets gather like-minded people, allow hand-crafters to explore new markets and make their dreams come true.

Hongdae Free Market and Samcheong-dong's Free Market are two of the best examples. Every weekend, these markets are so full of handcrafters and tourists, join by artists who bring along their original music, they are always my favourite weekend activities!

During weekends, the market in Gwanghwamun Square is also a popular, from time to time there are different themed activities going on, with delicious food all around, definitely one of the best places to spend my weekends!

Hongdae Free Market is popular every Saturdays, music and people everywhere

I have also had my own little booth in Hongdae Free Market, though it lasted for only one day, the memory is staying in my mind forever. There was a story: my products were not accepted by the organiser at first, but since I expressed my sincerity in the email and told them how I wish my dream could come true, they were impressed and let me in – though for just one day. This one-day experience turned out to be so unforgettable, and made me happy for some while.

Since I only got one week to prepare all the booth materials, I had a busy time running between school and coffee shops to make all the products within that week. Eventually I managed to get things done just one hour before the opening. Phew!

I have them all done within one week. Crazy

I arrived very early on that day, set up my booth and waited for people to come. I remember how nervous I was when people stayed in front of my booth, and I tried my very best to talk with them, in Chinese, English, Korea, whatever! The experience made me a braver person.

The part I enjoyed most was making new friends. I chatted with my neighbours and they drew me a water-coloured cat as gift. It was such a nice surprise! In markets, making businesses weren't that important.

My neighbous gave me a drawing of my cat, and we became friends

In life there are many occasions which you enjoy the processes more than the results – like having a booth in a market. It is always one of the journey highlights!

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Cyrus Chan

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