The birth of a travel writer

I didn't have many thoughts about how travel books come about. Before what concerned me were whether there were interesting contents, useful information and beautiful photos. After I finished reading one, I probably wouldn't touch it again. I have never imagined that I would become one of the book writers.

At the beginning, I was only recording what I experienced during my travel: from my trip to Turkey, to working holiday in Australia, I did sketches and wrote whatever came to my mind. One day I flipped through the pages and a new idea popped up: can this be the draft for a travel book?

I didn't personally know any of the publishers. So to make things happen, I searched their contacts online and sent out my proposals, from Hong Kong to Taiwan, by email and by post, I grasped every opportunity to send my work. So you can totally imagine how excited and grateful I was when a publisher showed interests.

Meeting readers in Taipei

Gathering with my Taipei readers, encouragement and feedbacks from readers are always my greatest motivation

Now, I am going to publish my fourth book. If you wonder why I keep doing this job - which involves so much work and brings so little income, I would say nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishments and the positive feedbacks from readers that I earn from writing these books.

There are things that money can't buy. What I believe is, you should follow your dreams when you are young, no matter how impractical it sounds. If you only do things for money, one day you will find yourself having nothing but money. So ask yourself: where my passion lies?

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Cyrus Chan

Cyrus loves traveling, making friends, chatting, handicrafts, drawing, writing, arts, daydreaming and wandering in cafés. She backpacked alone to Turkey, Germany and Eastern Europe, spent 1.5 years in Australia for working holiday, and another year studying in Korea. Cyrus wrote a few travel books on Turkey, Seoul and Hong Kong.
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