"Room & Board"- a special travel experience

"Room & Board" means free accommodation in exchange of one's duties in the hostel. In some cases, meals will also be provided, and hostel owners may show you around the city. In this way one gets to know more parts of local culture.

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of "Room & Board". The first type involves mainly general, manual labour tasks, such as room tidying, reception work, cleaning up of the house etc. The other type requires professional skills, such as photography service, illustration, singing and stage performance etc.

Manual labour tasks might be required for Manual labour tasks might be required for "Room & Board", such as room-tidying, cleaning. You may also have the opportunity to be a farmer.

I have been one of the organisers for a "Room & Board Competition" for 2 years and spent a wonderful time in Taitung and Chiayi. Winners of the competition got the chance to be the programme host of an online travel show. In the show they had to introduce the hostel, share local culture and present their first hand experiences in front of the camera. Through the online show we hope to promote “Room & Board” experience to more people, and encourage everyone to explore different ways of travel.

The winners need to present in front of the camera for a travel show, and take part in the The winners need to present in front of the camera for a travel show, and take part in the "Room & Board" experience

How to register for "Room & Board" experience? While there are relevant websites providing information on hostels and help you do the matching, you can also try email the hostel owner yourself and discuss your expectations directly. A little piece of advice: try to talk more about yourself in the email, your personality, hobbies, expertise or little stories you would like to tell, this helps the owner know more about you and more likely to put you on the right job.

Priscilla Ng
Daneil Cheung

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