Babysitting for 1 month

During my "Room & Board" experience in southern England, I was responsible for cleaning the house of my boss, and sometimes I had to take up the role of babysitter and look after his kids. It was indeed my first time being a care-taker, or housewife!

There were 3 rooms in the 3-storey house, the girl room was like a fairyland, with all the dolls, toys, and princess costumes, exactly the kind of room that every little girl dreams of! The boy's room was also specially designed to fit the little boy’s needs. Since the house owner was very busy with his hostel business, the responsibility of taking care of both kids fell upon his wife, who was a part-time teacher as well. My daily tasks included household cleaning, laundry and taking care of their dog.

The princess room of her daughterThe princess room of her daughter

I worked there for one month. It wasn't harsh, but sometimes I did feel tired, especially when I saw the house got messy again after I tided, it seemed never-ending. However, compared to my boss' wife, it was nothing actually. I could see how difficult it was for a mom to take balance between family and work, Though I stayed there for only a short time, I could see how lucky and happy their childrenwere. No forced tutorial class, the kids could move around the house freely; if they fell, they cried a bit and got up again. Although their parents were busy, they insisted taking them to school everyday, making sure they spend some time together. They also gave them a lot of freedom. This may not work for all families in the world, but I believe that children should have the right to choose their own future, and only through experience people grow.

The happy familyThe happy family

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