Couchsurfing in England

After doing "Room & Board" in England, I went north to Scotland and spent around 2 weeks visiting their towns and cities. My budget was limited, so I settled my accommodation mainly with couchsurfing ie staying in stranger’s home.Sometimes I got to live in huge apartments, sometimes I slept on floor, there were so many stories to tell. Once I bumped into a photographer in a big house, the day I arrived he was out of town for a business trip, so he sent me the key by mail – given the only encounters we had were only a few emails, he was secure enough to send his home keys to a stranger! .The other time I met an Iraqi who had just moved to England, he let me stay in the only room in his apartment and he himself slept on floor. After that I met a young girl who studied in the U.K. she went to school in the morning and went home, so I often cooked dinner for her, We spent a wonderful time together.

Malaysian house owner and his friends in the U.K.Malaysian house owner and his friends in the U.K.

Actually it is very commonfor backpackers to do couchsurfing in England. Compared with other European countries, it is easier to finda house owner. Although most of the house owners I met were not British, they were very open-minded and often brought me to their gatherings, so that I could learn more about their lives.

The living room of my British house ownerThe living room of my British house owner

Another side of the living room of the British house ownerAnother side of the living room of the British house owner

Many people have concerns about whether it is safe to do couchsurfing, actually a good pre-trip planning can save many of the troubles.To think in other people's shoes, it isalso not easy to accept a stranger in your house .I would say couchsurfing is one of the most direct ways to get into a new culture, and the best part of travel, for me, is to share each other's stories. People are not as complicated as they seem to be.

Britishhouse ownerBritishhouse owner

Iraqi house owner and his friendsIraqi house owner and his friends

Iraqi house owner and his friends

Chinese house owner and her dormitoryChinese house owner and her dormitory

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