2 months in the UK for just $6,000

While many people think that it is very expensive to travel in Europe, I spent only HK$6,000 during my two month stay in the U.K. Many friends of mine were very curious how I did that, actually you can totally decide how much you are going to spend when you travel! It is not that difficult.

My routeMy route

What I wore

It was winter in the U.K. when I visited, the good thing about it was, warmth came first, no one cared how you look. All the way I wore on me the same thick jacket, I didn't do washing often as I hardly sweat, so laundry cost was also saved.

What I ate

Eating out in the U.K. is generally expensive, so most of the time I cooked at home. I liked shopping in supermarkets, especially after sunset when I could buy things at discounted price. I also loved supermarkets' home brands, as they were much cheaper than normal brands.

I made this pizza in hostelI made this pizza in hostel

What I usually had for lunch and supperWhat I usually had for lunch and supper

What I lived

Accommodation costs could be big, I did couchsurfing a lot so a large part of money was saved. Sometimes I went to backpacker hostels, which usually costs around $100 to get a bed in mixed dorm, much more economical than staying in hotels.

A caravan I stayedA caravan I stayed

A typical couch when I had couchsurfingA typical couch when I had couchsurfing

How I moved around

While there are budget airlines, there are also budget buses. I always checked for bus discounts, sometimes I could get really great deals like 1 GDP ticket, which meant a few hours bus ride costs me only HK$36. For shorter distances, I prefer walking. Walking saves money and allow you to see more.

The ferry between Torquay and Brixham in Southwesten BritainThe ferry between Torquay and Brixham in Southwesten Britain

There is always a cheaper way to travel, like for my case, I went to more than 20 cities spending only HK$6,000 , and gained lots of experience.

Lake district in the U.K.Lake district in the U.K.

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