Who can apply (working holiday)?

The very first step of working holiday, is eligibility.

1. Aged between 18 and 30 and travelling without any children

What about just pass 30 years old? Better approach the consulates concerned. Moreover, in general each of them may visit the same economy only once under the Working Holiday Schemes. For details, please approach the relevant consulates. Starting from 1 November 2005, working holidaymakers who have taken up specified seasonal works in regional Australia for a minimum of three months while on their first working holiday visa, would be eligible to apply for a second working holiday visa. For details, please visit www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/417.aspx

2. Holding a return or onward ticket, or possessing sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket

It is very important to have a return ticket, just to ensure you can come back safely, while it is just a holiday but not a long term stay.

3. Being able to produce financial proof of available funds

he amount of financial proof (e.g. bank books), which varies from one Scheme to another, is required by the respective economies as below:

New Zealand NZD 4,200 Canada CAD 2,500
Australia AUD 5,000 Korea USD 2,500
Ireland 2,500 Euros France 2,500 Euros
Germany 2,000 Euros United Kingdom GBP 1,800
Japan 200,000 Yen Austria 2,000 Euros

The above amount is for reference only. In case of doubt, please contact the relevant consulates for the exact amount of financial proof required.

4. Going abroad primarily for holiday

Again, remember this is your holiday, for those who willing to immigrant, do business, working holiday scheme seems not a good idea.

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