Four points to note about working holiday

1. There is quota

The annual quotas for the Working Holiday Schemes are as follows:

Economy Quota
Ireland 100
Germany 300
New Zealand 400
Canada 200
Japan 250
Australia 5000
Korea 500
France 500 (from 01.01.2016)
United Kingdom

1,000 for HKSAR passport holders; No quota for holders of British National (Overseas) passport

Austria 100

Except for the Working Holiday Scheme with Japan and the Youth Mobility Scheme of the United Kingdom, all eligible applications will be approved on a first-come-first-served basis. For details, please approach the consulates concerned.

2. There are differences between the Working Holiday Schemes and ordinary visit visas or student visas?

Young people who have successfully applied for admission to the Schemes will be issued a Working Holiday Visa or relevant documentation, including a Letter of Introduction to exchange for a work permit, by the relevant consulate for them to stay lawfully in the host economy to travel and take up short-term employment. Ordinary visit visa or student visa holders are not allowed to work in the economy they are visiting. For details, please approach the relevant consulates concerned.

3. Please ensure that the information provided is accurate

Any applicants who willfully give any false information in the application form or withhold any material information, may be liable to disqualification for the Scheme. Even if your applications have been approved by the Government of the host economy, your visa may still be annulled and you would be prohibited from joining the Working Holiday Scheme.

4. Can I not working during the "holiday"?

Those who choose to go to New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Korea, France, the United Kingdom or Austria may also take short-term courses.

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