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Youth Studio


Targeted at secondary students, Youth Inno-Action !Hong Kong Academy of Film Seeds Project is the first seeds project lead by the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University. Co-created by Youth.gov.hk, the project aims to
. Nurture students' creativity and talents;
. Enhance students' aesthetic appreciation;
. Enrich students' artistic knowledge;
. Learn about the job nature of various professions in the field; and
. Provide a platform for students to exchange their ideas


For more details, please visit: https://www.youth.gov.hk/en/special/innoaction/2013/index.htm
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Exhibit《I Believe》

ContributorTsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College
Director: Ho Tsz Wai
Script Writer: Ho Tsz Wai
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  • 《I Believe》

    Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College
    《I Believe》

  • 《網中人》

    HKBU Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School

  • 《新界西電車之旅》

    PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School

  • 《偷聽御宅心》

    SKH Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School

  • 《探討靑少年最大壓力來源是甚麼??》

    Qualied College

  • 《智能手機普及下, 對靑少年的朋輩關係有甚麼負面影響》

    Qualied College
    《智能手機普及下, 對靑少年的朋輩關係有甚麼負面影響》

  • 《A night in Sham Sui Po》

    Pui Shing Catholic Secondary School
    《A night in Sham Sui Po》

  • 《Fearless of Errand》

    SALEM-Immannel Lutheran College
    《Fearless of Errand》

  • 《「運動」「強心」「分分鐘」》

    United Christian College

  • 《為環境充電》

    HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School

  • 《Awake》

    Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School

  • 《Volunteer Tutors》

    CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School
    《Volunteer Tutors》

  • 《Striving》

    Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School

  • 《Respect for different you and me》

    Cognitio College (Kowloon)
    《Respect for different you and me》

  • 《Self introduction of Tse Manwai》

    Cognitio College (Kowloon)
    《Self introduction of Tse Manwai》

  • 《I am Tse Ming Yan》

    Cognitio College (Kowloon)
    《I am Tse Ming Yan》

  • 《City Farmer》

    Sha Tin Methodist College
    《City Farmer》

  • 《Rock & Roll Forever》

    Sha Tin Methodist College
    《Rock & Roll Forever》

  • 《On the same boat》

    Sha Tin Methodist College
    《On the same boat》

  • 《The Truth Behind Drugs》

    International Christian School of Hong Kong
    《The Truth Behind Drugs》

  • 《Our Dreams》

    Lok Sin Tong Leung Chik Wai Memorial School
    《Our Dreams》

  • 《Love: Make Me Change》

    Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School
    《Love: Make Me Change》

  • 《I Believe, therefore 5 "Never say Never"》

    SALEM-Immannel Lutheran College
    《I Believe, therefore 5 "Never say Never"》

  • 《I Believe, therefore 3 - DREAMARY》

    SALEM-Immannel Lutheran College
    《I Believe, therefore 3 - DREAMARY》