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Youth Studio

Biz-Green Dress Code Design Contest

To encourage the public to support the energy-saving initiative and dress biz-green for work, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) are jointly organising Biz-Green Dress Design Contest as the key programme of  Hong Kong Green Building Week 2013. The Contest aims to unleash students' creativity and fashion sense to create green, professional attire with business appropriate materials.

The Biz-Green Dress Code Design Contest received more than 30 submissions from students of the Department of Fashion and Image Design at the Hong Kong Design Institute. Here you can watch the interviews of the designers as well as their entries. 
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ExhibitMicrocreature - Champion (Men's Wear)

ContributorLEE Chi-ming
  • Microcreature - Champion (Men's Wear)

    LEE Chi-ming
    Microcreature - Champion (Men's Wear)

  • Bleached - Honorable mention

    Tsui Yat Sing
    Bleached - Honorable mention

  • Illuminati - (Women's Wear)

    YEUNG Man-fung, Tristan
    Illuminati - (Women's Wear)

  • Joie De Vivre - First Runner-Up

    WONG Sze-kwan
    Joie De Vivre - First Runner-Up

  • Two Piece - Second Runner-Up

    PO Sze-wan
    Two Piece - Second Runner-Up

  • Cloud - Honorable mention

    Yeung Ting Lok
    Cloud - Honorable mention