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"Clean Recycling for Green Hong Kong" Old Song New Lyrics Competition

To echo the theme of World Environment Day 2015 on "Clean Recycling", the Environmental Campaign Committee, the Environmental Protection Department and the Education Bureau jointly organised an Old Song New Lyrics Competition for all primary and secondary schools, with the aim to arouse public awareness of the importance of clean recycling and encourage proper use of recycling facilities.

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Exhibit《乾淨回收「Waste Less」》(Primary School Category Champion)

Contributor蔡芷頤 (Maryknoll Fathers' School (Primary Section))

Original Song: Yankee Doodle

你我記緊愛惜資源 快快download “Waste Less”
看看玻璃膠樽金屬 可以循環再造
清洗乾淨勿染污 廢紙緊記拆釘
四色桶會在你身邊 大家回收快快試

快快告知各位親朋 easy download “Waste Less”
保護環境出一分力 未來全賴有你
大家響應齊下載 看清收集地點
應該緊記行動至上 乾淨回收let’s go

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  • 《乾淨回收「Waste Less」》(Primary School Category Champion)

    蔡芷頤 (Maryknoll Fathers' School (Primary Section))
    《乾淨回收「Waste Less」》(Primary School Category Champion)

  • 《青蔥要再臨》(Secondary School Category Champion)

    周詩朗、徐略展 (Cognitio College (Kowloon))
    《青蔥要再臨》(Secondary School Category Champion)

  • "World Environment Day 2015" Drama Performance

    Big Waster
    "World Environment Day 2015" Drama Performance