When you have taken your first step to start your business, you still have many steps to walk. You need to be aware of things like licensing and laboring. You can find the related information on Information Centre – Starting a Business and there are some business tips for you all.

Business Support

Some educational institutions provide entrepreneurship courses for young people. Besides, in the internet, 'EntrepreneurHK' business information services [Chinese version only], "Meet-the-Advisors" Business Advisory Service and the e-books about "Startup" in Hong Kong Public Libraries' e-Book library can help young people increase the entrepreneurship knowledge.

Marketing Promotions

If you want to advance your business, promotions are very important. But when advertising your business, you have to be careful of different conditions like Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance, Consumer Protection Law, Trade Descriptions, etc. Apart from that, developing overseas markets [Chinese version only] is not as difficult as you imagine, but you have to be reminded of various points.

Electronic Commerce

It is believed that most of the young people are very familiar with using online trading or online business. Electronic Transactions Ordinance, e-Authentication, e-Cert and .hk Domain Name Registration will be very useful for you to explore more information about electronic commerce.

Social Responsibilities

There is an increasing demand for business ethics in today’s society. Many people think that it is very indispensable for entrepreneur to care about the development of the society. If you are interested in this topic, you are encouraged to have a look on SIE Fund. You may find it inspiring.

Hope all your business will be plain sailing. It is for sure to give you some business traps [Chinese version only], so don't get caught in the trap!