What industry should I choose if I want to start a business? What industry do people earn more profit? What industry am I familiar with? What industry is meaningful? If people don't know the recent market trend, it's hard to think of any conclusion. Therefore, you have to do the work like reading market-related information even if you have much capital to invest.

Forms of Entrepreneurship

There are many ways to be a boss. Five common forms of entrepreneurship [Chinese version only] include self-employed entrepreneurship, professional entrepreneurship, contract, franchise and takeover. For example, self-employed entrepreneurship, contract, franchise and acquisition can be used when you want to start a restaurant business. Every method has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on different needs and capital.

S.O.H.O. (Small Office Home Office) [Chinese version only] has been a popular way for young people to start the business recently. They use their home as office. With the advance of the internet, this kind of new working modes has been quite popular. It has also been accepted by clients.

Market Research

Whether you want to start your restaurant, develop your mobile app or setup your online shop, you need to have a look on the current market trend such as the statistics and reports conducted by Census and Statistics Department, general conditions of employment and existing competitors. Different Departments of the Government offer a lot of information like HKTDC Research and HKTDC Forum.