As many people would like to start a business, let me tell you something about young people setting up a business…

Actually it is not that difficult, but firstly please refer to the list below, which you may have to think of before the startup.

Setting up a company | Government Funding Scheme | Business-marketing | Business in China | Law Issues | MPF Issues | Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) | Information Technology | Supply Chain Management | Intellectual Property | Product Testing | ISO Accreditation | Co-working Space

I think most young people who would like to start a business are freshly graduated, or those who would have just joined the labour force and suddenly want to start a business. These people are like a blank sheet. Starting a business can be easy, you can do it if you have capital or you already decided what you want to do. In this case, you can start planning your business right now. It could be difficult, however, if you refer to the list above.

Before starting a business, usually we face two main problems: lack of capital and market information. How can we solve these problems?