Capital for Startup

Startups are becoming more common in Hong Kong by the passing day. It is an interesting concept that many young graduates and adults like to pursue.

One of the major problems young entrepreneurs face when starting their business from scratch is capital. Capital is essential to a business as it determines the scale of its workings. The Government and many other organisations are giving a myriad of subsidies and funding in the hopes of alleviating this problem. These funding schemes aim at reducing the burden on startups and securing its long-term future in the market.

Other ways of raising capital for the company include lending money from friends & family, crowdfunding, taking a loan from banks or financial institutes etc.

Sites such as iStartup@HK, StartmeupHK, CreateHK and Startup Website on GovHK can also be accessed to get more options and information about schemes being offered.

Other frequently used capital sources

Undoubtedly, other than the aforementioned assistance programmes, you may also borrow money from your *family and friends, *banks or financial instituions. Many young people use online fund-accumulation platforms. These all are possible methods to raise capital.

Other resources for Startup

Apart from money, you may need some other non-captial assistance.

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