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Career and Study

God of Cookery from Hong Kong!

Career and Study

A team of Hong Kong chefs has prevailed against competitors from all around the world and won two international cooking contests in Basel of Switzerland and Seoul of South Korea respectively. Undoubtedly, the chefs have brought home glory and pride!
Speaking of cookery, have you ever wanted to be a chef and bring joy to your own patrons? Most of the chefs from the winning team had actually received training from the VTC or the IVE. Hence, if you want to be a chef too, please keep in mind that you start your career path by entering the industry directly as apprentice or by taking specific courses.

There are excellent prospects for new chefs as those working for five star hotels are often paid handsomely. They may even leave the local market and become world renowned chefs once they are recognized by top restaurants around the globe.

Regardless of your trade, it is true that “one may distinguish oneself in any trade”. “As long as one has the passion, anyone can be the god of cookery”, don’t you think so?