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Career and Study

Most Endangered Jobs of 2014

Career and Study

Mr. Postman is the profession most likely to phase out. That’s right. You got it right. A recruitment website published the top ten jobs on the verge of extinction due to rapid technological development and changing economic environment. As the internet becomes more popular and communication by letter is on the decline, a shadow is cast on the prospect of mail carriers; it is estimated that the sector will see a job loss of 28% by 2022, making it the most threatened job on the list.

Newspaper reporters are also among the affected ones. People now don’t have to buy the newspapers or magazines but turn to their smart phone to read the latest news, which is a faster and more convenient way. The practice not only leads to a fall in the hiring outlook of newspaper reporters, but also drags down the demand for paper and stripes lumberjacks of their jobs.

Professions that fail to keep up with time inevitably face the challenge of phase-out; this explains why milkmen no longer exist. Now, let’s check out the “Ten Most Endangered Jobs of 2014” and their ranking:


Endangered Jobs Ranking          Profession
1                                           Mail Carrier
2                                           Farmer
3                                           Meter Reader
4                                           Newspaper Reporter
5                                           Travel agent
6                                           Lumberjack
7                                           Flight Attendant
8                                           Drill-Press Operator
9                                           Printing Worker
10                                         Tax Examiner and Collector
* U.S. News – The 100 Best Jobs

These jobs are on the brink because of technological advancement. It is sad to see them go but it’s just a matter of time before they disappear. To keep pace with time, we must better equip ourselves and strive higher. So go out there and up your game this summer!