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Grantham Visual Arts Award 2019/2020

    Deadline: 6pm, 12th June 2020 The aim of this award is to recognize the abilities and achievements of members of the youth in Visual Arts so as to build a platform for the presentation and exchange of ideas. Through this initiative, we can spread awareness among the general public regarding the positive impacts Visual Arts have in schools. * There are 20 quotas for the award every year. Every awarded student will be given a scholarship fund of HKD $8,000 and a trophy. Eligibility1. Students studying in secondary schools in Hong Kong are eligible to apply;2.The application will be divided into 2 groups: The Junior Group (Form 1 to Form 3 students) and the Senior Group (Form 4 to Form 6 students); Judgment Procedures and Assessment Criteria*This award not only recognizes students’ abilities and achievements in art but also encourages them to serve the community through art activities. The assessment criteria is shown below:*Ability in art expression (e.g. content, form of expression, technique, choice of medium and use of material)  60%*Creativity  30%*Personal view to Art or creation and Experience in art-related services (Utilize the experience in the area of Visual Arts, share the knowledge of art or serve the community, e.g. docent, exhibition assistants, workshop assistants, etc.)  10%