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The Chief Executive's 2019 Policy Address

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    Life Planning Information Website revamped!

    Setting clear goals enables you to achieve a better progress. This rule also applies to life planning, which better start at a younger age. Let’s plan now for your further study and career pursuit! The Life Planning Information Website of the Education Bureau had been revamped and designed to provide students, parents, teachers, schools and the public with information on life planning education, further study and career pursuit.   7 highlighted zones:  Careers Information 21 major Industries and Jobs and the Career Market are introduced. There are also guidelines from resume writing to interviewing and presentation skills, and information on entrepreneurship at the Starting Business Corner 。  Studies  HKDSE Candidates’ Corner provides information on local and overseas study, as well as scholarships.  E-learning for Students  Provides guidance for students on their career planning and resume writing.  School Administration   Lists out the Recommended Principles and provides other guidelines on Life Planning and Career Guidance for schools. Professional Development for Teachers  Provides teaching materials, resources, and courses .  Parents  Illustrates the role of parents in life planning education with support of experience sharing videos .  Business-School Partnership Programme  Promotes cross-sector collaboration among schools and various social sectors with a view to broadening students’ vision towards life planning by offering career exploration activities beyond the classroom such as workshops, mentoring programmes and work experience programmes.   Visit this comprehensive website now and explore more information on life planning!

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    Love Upgrading Special Scheme

    Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Employees Retraining Board (ERB)  launched the "Love Upgrading Special Scheme"  in October 2019, to assist those unemployed, be required to take no pay leave or under-employed after 1 June 2019 to upgrade their skills for self-enhancement, with a view to re-entering the employment market. Courses are offered free of charge and cover three training disciplines including "vocational skills", "innovative technology" and "generic skills". Trainees may enrol in the period from now to 31 March 2020, and attend the courses on or before 30 June 2020. Special allowance will be disbursed to trainees who have completed each course with attendance rate of 80%. The special allowances for full-time courses and part-time courses are $153.8 and $76.9 per day respectively, at a ceiling of $4 000 per month for each trainee. Trainees will be awarded graduation certificates upon completion of training and fulfilment of graduation requirements. Trainees who have completed the "vocational skills" training courses will be provided with placement follow-up service. Applicants can either submit the application in person or by post.

    Career & Study


    MacLehose Trail 40th Anniversary Celebration Programme

    MacLehose Trail MacLehose Trail, opened on 26 October 1979, was the first long distance hiking trail in Hong Kong. This year is the 40th anniversary of this iconic hiking trail. To commemorate this special occasion, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is organising a series of celebration programme from September to December 2019 to promote the fun of hiking and showcase the stunning natural beauty, interesting heritage and relics and amazing wildlife along different sections of MacLehose Trail. Summary of MacLehose Trail 40th Anniversary Celebration Programme: Date Activities Venue September – November Complete Walk on MacLehose Trail 2019 MacLehose Trail Sections 1 – 10 19 October Hong Kong Trails Day (End) Tai Tong Barbecue Area No. 1, Tai Lam Country Park and MacLehose Trail Section 10 26 October MacLehose Trail 40th Anniversary Celebration Day (End) MacLehose Trail Sections 6 & 7 (Shing Mun Country Park) 3 November Public Talk: The Legendary MacLehose Trail (End) Hong Kong Science Museum 30 November 1 December 7 December 8 December MacLehose Trail Maintenance Workshop MacLehose Trail Selected Sections 14 – 15 December MacLehose Trail Campers MacLehose Trail Sections 4 & 5 and Gilwell Campsite September – December Excursion with Experts at MacLehose Trail MacLehose Trail Selected Sections   (Information provided by provided by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department)

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