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Feeling confused about the swamp of career planning and human resources information online and offline? No worries, an information portal is now available to help you plan your career and study pathways. A new one-stop online manpower information portal ( has been launched by the Human Resources Planning Commission. It consolidates human resources information and data from different sources to provide the local labour force, the younger generation in particular, with more comprehensive information in choosing career, training and development pathways. With the information, one can better harness career and study opportunities and tackle existing and future challenges in work. The newly launched manpower information portal comprises the following elements Magazine – the “Explorer” monthly online magazine that introduces trending topics concerning careers and workplaces Careers – a database covering more than 300 occupations, including information on key tasks of the occupations, skill requirements and entry requirements Vacancies – consolidated listings of government job openings and tens of thousands of vacancies from several key local job boards Courses – a database on local courses listed in the Qualifications Register and open online courses listed in an overseas education platform Career quizzes – for users to explore their suitable occupations Contents on the manpower information portal will be updated regularly to ensure the information keeps up with the latest market trends. Check out now to explore hot picks of career and study information!

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Museum Pass – unlimited admission to six museums for as low as HK$25

You might be familiar with the annual passes issued by theme parks; how about the Museum Pass? It offers unlimited admission to museums under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department for all opening hours. The pass costs as low as HK$25 per person on average. Call up your family and explore the fun of learning through interactive means in museums!The new Museum Pass comes in three types (valid for 12 months with unlimited admission to permanent and special exhibitions of six museums in Hong Kong, unless otherwise specified): Family PassPrice at HK$100 for a maximum of four persons of kinshipIndividual PassPriced at HK$50Concessionary PassFull-time students, persons with disabilities and senior citizens aged 60 or above are eligible for the Concessionary Pass at a price of HK$25 Get more than what you pay after three visits! There are quite some exhibitions worth a visit in the museums. For example, Glistening Treasures in the Dust-Ancient Artefacts of Afghanistan" (6 Nov 2019 to 10 Feb 2020), "A Sense of Place: from Turner to Hockney" (30 Nov 2019 to 4 Mar 2020) at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, "The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Unlocking the Secrets - The Science of Conservation at The Palace Museum" (14 Dec 2019 to 18 Mar 2020) and "Robots" (12 Jun 2020 to 6 Jan 2021) at the Hong Kong Science Museum. Considering the current entrance fees of Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Space Museum, you enjoy de facto free entry after the third visit.Hidden privileges of the Museum Pass!From now until 31 August 2020, Museum Pass holders can enjoy a discount of HK$60, HK$50 and HK$40 off the published price respectively for the purchase of Adult, Child / Student and Senior “Magic Access” of the Hong Kong Disneyland Park. From now until 31 July 2020, they can also enjoy a 5% discount on Ocean Park "SmartFun Annual Pass".Take the Individual Pass as an example. It costs HK$50 yet the discount for the annual pass of Hong Kong Disneyland Park can be up to HK$60! (For more details, please click here to read the LCSD Museums website)

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Love Upgrading Special Scheme

Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Employees Retraining Board (ERB)  launched the "Love Upgrading Special Scheme"  in October 2019, to assist those unemployed, be required to take no pay leave or under-employed after 1 June 2019 to upgrade their skills for self-enhancement, with a view to re-entering the employment market. Courses are offered free of charge and cover three training disciplines including "vocational skills", "innovative technology" and "generic skills". Trainees may enrol in the period from now to 31 March 2020, and attend the courses on or before 30 June 2020. Special allowance will be disbursed to trainees who have completed each course with attendance rate of 80%. The special allowances for full-time courses and part-time courses are $153.8 and $76.9 per day respectively, at a ceiling of $4 000 per month for each trainee. Trainees will be awarded graduation certificates upon completion of training and fulfilment of graduation requirements. Trainees who have completed the "vocational skills" training courses will be provided with placement follow-up service. Applicants can either submit the application in person or by post.

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Travelling Outside Hong Kong

HKSAR travel documents Travelling is such an enjoyable activity for most people. There are a few things that you should consider besides hotel and flight bookings. Firstly, check the expiry date on your HKSAR travel documents because many countries require visitors’ travel documents to be valid for at least six months. Visitors who fail to present a valid passport may be refused to board the plane or enter the country. Travel protection If you plan to join a package tour, please make sure the travel agent is a reputable licence holder. Then should the travel agent go out of business or in case you have an accident during your travels, you will be able to obtain the travel protection under the Travel Industry Compensation Fund. To better cover your own travel needs, you can consider arranging your own travel insurance for which please refer to the Publications & Publicity Materials of Insurance Authority. Discovering the local cultures Like most travellers, you may want to refer to some travel guides or web sites such as the discovery tours around the world [Chinese version only]. On top of introducing you to local attractions and customs, authors will usually share their personal experiences with you. Information on travel health Before going overseas, be sure to check out information on travel health about any travel-related health risks (such as outbreak of infectious disease, vaccination requirements, high altitude syndrome, heat exhaustion and hypothermia). Outbound travel information You may register your outbound travel information on Registration of Outbound Travel Information if you wish to receive updates on Outbound Travel Alert and related public information from the HKSAR Government.   Assistance outside Hong Kong from the government You may also want to find out how to get assistance outside Hong Kong from the government and jot down relevant information and website before your trip, so you will know where to go in case you lose your passport or get into trouble during your trip. World weather information Always check the climatological information for travellers and world weather information before packing your luggage. Security requirements at Hong Kong International Airport If you travel by air, check the latest security requirements in place at Hong Kong International Airport, and arrive at the airport earlier to allow sufficient time for check-in, security screening and immigration procedures. Enjoy a safe and carefree vacation!

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Cool with rain during LNY

Recycle Peach Blossom Trees!